Resolving the P0101 Error in the Nissan Pathfinder: p0101 nissan pathfinder:

Certainly! It seems like you’re describing a step-by-step process for diagnosing and resolving a P0101 error related to the air-foil-meter sensor in a Nissan Pathfinder using a Consus 3 Plus tool. Here’s a rewritten article based on the provided information:

Resolving the P0101 Error in the Nissan Pathfinder

Are you facing a P0101 error related to the air-foil-meter sensor in your Nissan Pathfinder, Maxima, Altima, or Infinity? Don’t worry; we’ve got a comprehensive guide for you. In many cases, simply changing the air-foil-meter sensor might not be enough. Updating the car’s computer to the latest software is often necessary. Let’s dive into the process using Consus 3

Plus tool. Connect Consus 3 Plus to OBD2

Start by connecting the Consus 3 Plus tool to the OBD2 port in your vehicle. Whether you’re using Bluetooth or a direct connection, ensure a secure link to initiate the diagnostic process.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Navigate to the Consus 3 Plus menu.

Access the Consus 3 Plus menu, either through Bluetooth or direct connection, leading you to a diagnostic page where you can identify and troubleshoot the issues causing your check engine light to illuminate.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Diagnose the engine.

Select the “Diagnose Engine” option to identify specific error codes affecting your vehicle. In this case, the P0101 code indicates an issue with the Mass Airflow Sensor Circuit for Bank 1.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Clear Error

Codes: If the diagnostic tool reveals a P0101 error, proceed to clear the code. Execute the code-clearing process through the tool, and ensure the engine is running during this phase.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Access Programming

Return to the main menu and navigate to the programming section. Confirm any prompts that may appear, and select your vehicle model and year manually if required.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Check for updates.

Within the programming section, check for available updates for your Nissan Pathfinder’s computer. The tool should display the current software version and the latest available version.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Select and install the update.

Choose the appropriate update version and proceed with the installation. Be cautious of any prerequisites or warnings, such as turning off the air conditioning and cooling fan and ensuring the engine is not running.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Monitor the update process.

Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the update. The tool may indicate a downloading phase, and the entire process may take around 10 minutes. Ensure a stable power supply during this time.

p0101 Nissan Pathfinder: Clear Error Codes Again

After successfully updating the computer, return to the diagnostic section and clear any remaining error codes. This final step ensures that your vehicle’s system is now up-to-date and free from the P0101 error.


With the update completed and error codes cleared, your Nissan Pathfinder, Maxima, Altima, or Infinity should be ready for the road without the nagging P0101 issue. Remember to follow all safety precautions and tool instructions throughout the process.

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