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P0401 code definition

OBD2 diagnostic trouble code P0401 means EGR Flow Insufficient Detected.

What does engine code P0401 mean?

“EGR Flow Insufficiently Detected” is the meaning of OBD2 diagnostic problem code P0401.

p0401 code fix
p0401 code fix
P0401 Code Information Details
Code Definition OBD2 diagnostic trouble code P0401 means “EGR Flow Insufficiently Detected.”

Meaning of the Code p0401

“EGR Flow Insufficiently Detected” is the meaning of OBD2 diagnostic problem code P0401.

Possible Causes

Bad DPFE sensor, EGR temperature sensor, DPFE sensor hose, or EGR valve. – Clogged EGR valve preventing correct gas flow. excessive carbon buildup.
There is insufficient vacuum supply between the valve and the EGR solenoid. Clogged EGR passage or EGR cooler. Faulty engine control module. temperature sensor issues.

Less Common Causes

The car’s computer. DPFE (Delta Pressure Feedback EGR) Valve: modulator valve.

How to Fix Code P0401

Diagnose using a scan tool. Check and replace faulty components like DPFE Sensor, EGR Valve, etc.
Consider replacing the DPFE sensor if other checks are satisfactory.

Severity of P0401 Code

The P0401 engine code is considered quite serious and should be repaired promptly. A faulty EGR valve can lead to engine damage.

Symptoms of P0401 Code

Severe power loss. engine control lamp light. Soot formation occurs during acceleration. irregular engine running. increased fuel consumption.
Jerking occurs during acceleration.

Diagnosis Process

Scan code and document freeze-frame data. – Clear codes and road test to check for reoccurrence.
Check the EGR temperature sensor, vacuum hose, wiring, and connections. Inspect the EGR valve for adequate vacuum.
Monitor the OBDII scanner for EGR temperature sensor changes. Inspect the EGR valve and temperature sensor for carbon deposits.

Possible Repairs for P0401

Replace the bad EGR valve. Replace the bad DPFE sensor. Clear the clogged EGR passage. Replace the bad EGR sensor.
Repair damaged or leaking vacuum lines. Clear the clogged EGR valve. repair damaged wires and connectors.
Repair leaks in the EGR system. Replace the bad MAP sensor. Update or replace PCM.

P0401 Code Repair Cost

Repair costs vary based on the model, labor, and severity. Repairs may include replacing the EGR valve, DPFE sensor, solenoid, and other components.
Costs can range from $90 to $420 for parts and additional labor charges.

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p0401 code fix
p0401 code fix


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